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Montreal-based DP/Cameraman, I’m the EPK and ‘’Behind the scenes’’ specialist for feature films.

My know-how is a result of formal training in visual arts and photographic techniques, as well as a definite passion for images. As a drone pilote, a cameraman and director of photography, for nearly 27 years, I have contributed to framing and lighting the artistic vision of producers (directors) in both America and Europe.

My videography illustrates my extensive and varied experience. Portraits and situations such as an astronaut, a Hollywood star, a multinational company President, a Prime Minister, have all added to my expertise as a DOP cameraman and will be brought to bear in the success of your future projects.

I will be more than happy to bring your dream to a screen !

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I provide effective and complete filming services: state of the art equipment and a professional and dynamic team.
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